Tribute to the "ELITE"  K-9 teams who came before us.


     In order to build and look towards the future it is necessary to honor a pay tribute to those great K-9 teams who patrolled the streets before us.  It is because of the sacrifice, sweat, and hard work put forth by these great K-9 TEAMS that we continue to grow and prosper in Gloucester County, N.J. and our surrounding communities!    You will find many names of handlers and their faithful partners here.  Should you encounter any of these  fine individuals in your travels, please do not hesitate to ask them about their time in K-9.  I promise you that more likely than not your question will be met with a smile and many fond recollections of the days when they were part of an "ELITE" team in Law Enforcement! ............K-9

          Gloucester County Police K-9 Units Past and Present

District 1 -  Pitman Police

District 2 -  Paulsboro Police

District 3 -  Woodbury Police

District 4 -  West Deptford Twp. Police 

District 5 -  Deptford Twp. Police

District 7 -  Monroe Twp Police

District 8 -  Greenwich Twp Police 

District 9 -  Glassboro Police

District 10 - Washington Twp Police

District 11 - Franklin Twp. Police

District 13 - Clayton Borough Police 

District 14 - Gloucester County Sheriff Department

District 15 - Mantua Twp. Police

District 17 - East Greenwich twp. Police

District 21 - Westville Borough Police

District 22 - Elk Township Police

District 23 - Woolwich Twp. Police 

District 24    formerly Swedesboro Police

District 25 - Logan Twp Police

District 27 - Gloucester County Department of Corrections

District 28 - Rowan University Police

District #1 - Pitman, NJ

Ptl. E.J. Parker
K9 Ranger - Pitman PD's very first Police Canine named in Honor of US Army Ranger Alessandro "Sandrino" Plutino who was killed in action in Afghanistan

District #2 - Paulsboro, NJ                  K-9 Unit Established 1961

Sgt Anthony Giordano (retired)
K9 - "Baron" (RIP)

Chief Ray Gezzi (RIP) 
K9 -"Smokey" (RIP)
K9 - "Murphy" (RIP)

Chief Edgar Dare(RIP)
K9 - "Gretchen" (RIP)

Ptl. Harry Oswald

Ptl. Wayne Schwebel
K9 "Storm" 

Ptl. Roger Stefano
K9 "Blackie"

Ptl Jim Lloyd(RIP)
K9 -"Fritz"  (RIP)

Ptl. Dan Abate (Transfer to E.G)
K9 - "Fritz" (See EGTK9)

Ptl. Tim Suter
K9 - "Rocky" (RIP)
K9 - "Dinky" (RIP)


District #3 - Woodbury, NJ                K-9 Unit  Established 1908

In 1908, the City Officials authorized the purchase of a pair of tracking bloodhounds. Handler(s) unknown


Patrol K-9 teams established 1972

Sgt. Joe Szolak (RETIRED)
K9 - "Satan" (RIP)
K9 - "King" (RIP)
K9 - "Jocko" (RIP)

Ptl. Earl Muhlbaier (RETIRED)
K9 - "Prince" (RIP)

Ptl. Ed Hawley (RETIRED)
K9 -"Fritz" (RIP)

Chief Carl Kinkler (RETIRED)
K9 - "General" (RIP)

Lt. John Atkinson (RETIRED)
K9 - "Vador" (RIP)  

Lt. Steve Cope K-9 Administrator responsible for the restart of the City's K-9 Program(RETIRED)

Ptl. Rob Garish  Retired
K9 - "Pitt"    Retired

Ptl. William Sheehan

K9 "Evo"

Ptl. Tim Mitchell

K9 "Recon"



District #4 - West Deptford, NJ               K-9 Unit Established ----

Sgt Steve Lightcap (RETIRED)
K9 - "Mountain"  (RIP)

Dep Chief Sean McKenna
K9 - "Kilo"  (RIP) 

Sgt. Mike Franks   K-9 Unit Supervisor /Trainer
K9 - "Judge (RIP)
K9 "Tazor" Retired

Ptl. Joey Lamafla
K9 - "Mako"
K9 Chino

Ptl. Fred Vergara
K9 -"Reaper"

Ptl. Jim Creedon

K9 - "Steel"

District #5 - Deptford, NJ                       K-9 Unit Established1972

Ptl.Ted Tumelty (RETIRED)
K9 "Rex" (RIP)

Ptl. Paul Boerner
(Transfer to GPD)

K9 - "Duke" (See Glassboro Record)

 Ptl. Frank Rodgers
(Retired Chief of Harrison Twp.PD)

K9 "Teddy" (RIP)

Lt. George Kelly (RETIRED)
K9 "Thunder" (RIP)

Det. Victor Bombart (RETIRED)
K9 "Fritz" (RIP)
K9 "Baron"(RIP)
Ptl. Edward Johnson (RETIRED)
K9 "Trade"(RIP)
Ptl.George DeWald (RETIRED)
K9 "Baron" (RIP)
Lt. Robert Bott
K9 "Bubba (RIP)
Det. John Senick (Retired)
K9 "Bear" (RIP)

Chief Kevin Pancoast (Retired)

K9 - "Rookie" (RIP)

Chief Frank Newkirk
K9 - "Toby" (RIP)

Ptl. Adam Ziegler  TRAINER
K9 - "Aron"  Retired
K9 - Titan

Ptl. Mike Divito
K9 - "Rocco" Retired

Ptl. Mike Tirado
K9 "Rebel"

Ptl. Todd Brown

K9 "Spartan" aka "Goofy"

Ptl Ryan Osmolo

K9 "Pelo"

District #7 - Monroe Township, NJ      K-9 Unit Established 1991

Chief Ed Berwick (retired)
K9 - "Racker" (RIP)

Lt. Lou Branda
K9 - "Marko" (RIP)

Capt. John Cortesi (retired)
K9- "Onyx"
K9- "Alf" (RIP)
K9 - "Jessie" (RIP)

Lt. Mike Rebecca
K9 - "Merck" (RIP)

Capt. Rich Miraglia retired
K9 - "Chase" (RIP)

Capt. Steve Boyd
K9 - "Kita"
K9 - "Nikko"
K9 - "Duke" (RIP)

Ptl. Tom Pacilio
K9 - "Cyrus" (RIP)

Ptl. Bill Yorio
K9 - "Rasha"

Cpl. Mike Doran
K9 - "Daro" (RETIRED)

Ptl. Max Janofsky RETIRED

Ptl. Anthony D'Amico

K9 "Rocky"

Ptl. Nick Marchisello

K9 "Paco"

Ptl. Roy Pierson 

K9 Tito




District #8 - Greenwich Twp, NJ         K-9 Unit Established 1999

Sgt . Pat Trainor RETIRED
K9 - "Taz" (RIP)
K9 - "Bowe" (RIP)

Ptl. Mike Robostello
K-9 Kilo transfer to East Greenwich

District #9 - Glassboro, NJ                K-9 Unit Established 1958

Chief Robert Toughill (RIP)
K9 "3-D" (RIP)
K9 "Faro" (RIP)
K9 "Bodo" (RIP)

Capt. Ed Griffiths (retired)
K9 "Duke #1" (RIP")
K9 "Duke #2" (RIP)

Ptl. Ron Junk (retired)
K9 "Hans" (RIP)

Ptl. Robert McNally (RIP)
K9- "Duke"(RIP)

Ptl. Ken Brown (retired)
K9 "Samson" (RIP)

D/ Lt Paul Boerner (retired)
K9 "Duke #4" (RIP)

Ptl. Dave Schoettner (retired)
K9 :"King" (RIP)
K9  "Max" (RIP)

Ptl. P.J. Coppolino (retired)
K9 "Caesar"(RIP)

Lt. Dennis Foster (retired)
K9 "Hans #8" (RIP)

Sfc. Carl Johnson (retired)
K9 "Starsky" (RIP)

Lt. Reed Layton (retired) 
Previous K-9 Unit Supervisor
K9 "Blitz" (RIP- the first dog cross trained in narcotics detection in Gloucester County

Ptl. Quentin "Q" Still (RIP)
K9 "Bruno" (RIP)(Transfer out to Medford PD)
Sfc. Greg Bruynell (RIP)
K9 "Tugger" (RIP)
First ERT K-9

Cpl. Chris Brown (retired)
K9 "Nando" (RIP)

Lt. Pete Amico (retired)
K9 "Gero" (RIP)

Capt. Scott Oncay (retired)
K-9 "Bullwinkle" (aka: Bull) (RIP)

Det. Dave Rey RETIRED
K9 "Kahlua" (RIP)

Ptl. Dave Burns RETIRED
K9 "Jesse" (RIP)

Chief Frank Brown ,Retired
Previous K-9 Unit Supervisor
K9 "Max" (RIP) 

LT. Ray Giordano Retired GCPK9A President
Previous K-9 Unit Supervisor
K9 - "Jake" (RIP) 

SFC. Dan Eliasen (Retired)
K-9 Unit Supervisor / Trainer
K9 - "Kato"   Previous ERT K-9 (RIP)
K9 - "Buster" (RIP) ERT K-9 

Cpl. Butch Moore Retired
K9 - "Grizz" (RIP)
K9 - Rex (RIP)

Dep Chief. Ryan Knight K9 Administration
K9 - "Bento" (RIP) 

SFC. Charles Williams
K9 - "Anka" RIP
K9 - "Jesse " Retired

Lt. Ricky Watt
K9  "Akiles" RIP

SFC. Steve Cavallaro
K9 "Obo"

SFC Dominic Visceglia

K9 "Charlie "

Ptl. Ron Marchese
K9 Rocky (RIP)

K9 Gunner

Ptl. Colton Gemenden

K9 Loki

Ptl. Kyle Snyder

K9 Mattis






District #10 - Washington Twp, NJ       K-9 Unit Established1988

Chief Francis Burke (Retired)
K9 "Goldie" (RIP)

Chief Rafael Muniz (Ret)
K9 " Coal " (RIP) 

Ptl. Tom Cushane (Retired)
K9 -"Von" (RIP)

Sgt. Mike Conti  - Supervising Trainer
K9 - "Verdi" (RIP)
K9 -  "Bach" (RIP)

Sgt. Kevin Convery - Trainer
K9 - "Brix" RIP
K9  "Creeper "

Sgt. George Hilbert
K9 - "Aron" (RIP)

Ptl. Jeff Kalber - Trainer
K9 - "Axel" (RIP) EOW 1/31/15
K9 - "Rosko"

Ptl. Jason Sims
K9 - "Rex" (Ret)

Ptl. Kris Hice
K9  "Lync"

Ptl. Robert McGovern
K9 -"Omac"

Ptl. Mark Allen 

K9 "Dax"

District #11 - Franklin Twp, NJ               K-9 Unit Established 2005

Sheriff Jim Hogan formerly the Chief Of Police of Franklin Twp had previously handled K-9 ? while working with the Runnemede Police Department

It should be noted that Sgt Ken Smolsky served as Military Dog handler with K-9 ? while serving in the United Stated Marine Corps.  he continues to support the efforts of the FTPD K-9 Unit


*In 2005 through the hard work and fundraising efforts of Mike Marsh and with the support of Township of Franklin, the K-9 Unit was formed.


Sgt. Mike Marsh Retired
K9 - "Diro" (RIP)

Sgt. Cliff Trovillo Retired
K9 - "Ceno" (RIP)




District #13 - Clayton, NJ                       K-9 Unit Established ----





Ptl. Ron Koller(retired)
K9 -  ?
K9 - 
Skipper (RIP)

Dsgt. Gary Hansen

K-9 Shadow (RIP)

D/Sgt Mike Marino (Retired)
K9 - "Nick" (RIP)

Sgt. Michael Divito Sr. (Retired)
K9 - "Solo" (RIP)
K9 - "Brixx" (RIP)

Ptl. Ed Hyder
K9 - "Andi" (Retired)

District #14 - Glou. Co. Sher.Dept, NJ    K-9 Unit Established ----

S.O.  Lenny Oulette (RIP)
K9 - "Zeus" (RIP)
K9 - "Duke" (RIP)

S.O. Phil Deiser
K9 - "King" (RIP) Bloodhound


S.O. Bruce Scott (Retired)
K9 - "Frannie" RIP
K-9 - "T.K."  RIP


Sgt. Tony DeCicco Unit Supervisor

K-9 - "Nomad" (RIP)

K-9 "Gemma"


S.O Thomas Accoglio

K-9 "Roxy" (RET

K-9 "Missy" Bomb Dog (RET)

K9 STORM )Arson)


S.O. Chad Bittle

K-9 "Jax" (RET)

K9 Arrow  RIP


S.O. Kevin Lauer

K-9 "Brady" (RIP)

K-9 "Kane"


S.O. Alex Molnar

K-9 Roxie  (RIP)

K-9 "Papa Bear" (RIP)

K-9 Jethro 


 Bloodhound Tracking Dogs


Delta (RIP)









District #15 - Mantua Twp, NJ            K-9 Unit Established 1998


Cpl James Neely (Retired)
K9 - "Buddy" (RIP)
K9- "Aries"  (RIP)

Lt. Jeff Ferry
K9 - "Rocky" (RIP)  8/27/10

Ptl. Kyle Riepen -Trainer

K9 - "Kayd" RIP

K9 - "Bane"

Ptl. William Murphy
K9 - "Tucker" (Retired)

Ptl. Cody Mroz

K9 Zuke









District #17 - East Greenwich Twp, NJ   K-9 Unit Established 2004


Sgt. Dan Abate Sr. (Retired)
K9 - "Fritz" (RIP)

Sgt. Matt Brenner -K9 Unit Supervisor

K9 - "Kliff" (RIP)

Ptl. Phil Owens
K9- "Deuce" (RIP)

Ptl. Mike Robostello

K9 Kilo (transferred from Greenwich-2016)




District #22 - Elk Township PD, NJ

Lt. Eric Hughes


District #21 - Westville, NJ                   K-9 Unit Established 2009


Ptl. Brian Ewe
K9 - "Remi" Retired  * 1st K-9 Team in Police Department's history



District #24  Swedeboro Police prior to merger


Sgt. Daniel Demora (Retired)   

K-9 Patton RIP  1988-1996  Narcotics Detection

District #23 - Woolwich, NJ                  K-9 Unit Established ----


Lt. Glenn Rambo(retired)
K9 - "Trooper " (RIP)

District #25 - Logan Twp, NJ                  K-9 Unit Established ----


Ptl. William Franklin
K9 - "Johni"(RIP)

Sgt. Brian Haas

K-9 "Hunter "

Ptl Tom Giorgianni

K9 "Tyson"

District #27 - Gloucester County DOC        K-9 Unit Established ----


Lt. Steve Bebe (Trainer) Retired
K9 - "Bandit" (RIP)
K9 - "Caesar" (RIP)








District #28 - Rowan University, NJ       K-9 Unit Established ----

Assistent Director of Public Safety, Reed Layton- Founder of Rowan U. Police K-9

Sgt. Carrie Rathof
K9 - "Tito"  (RIP)

Ptl.  Tom Redman Retired

K9 - "Brix"  Retired


New Jersey State Police K-9

Trainer / K-9 Handler   Trooper Bryan Trexler

K9 "Taz" (RIP)

K9 "Kid"

               Recognizing all of our out of county K9 MEMBERS
Cherry Hill, NJ - Police K9 Unit

Sgt. Ed McCorkle
K9  "Duke" (RIP)
K9  "Bear" (RIP)
K9  "Max" (RIP)

Sgt. Joe Kelly
K9 - "Franko" (RIP)
K9 - "Nero"

Det Tom Coll

K9 "Aaron" (RIP)

Ptl. Kevin Seta
K9 - "Boz" (RIP)

Ptl. John Ostermueller
K9- "Arco" Retired

Ptl. Paul Moran (Retired)
K9 - "Dante" Retired

P/O Corey Knoedler

K9 - "Sem" RIP

P/O Chris Wernig

K9 "Mika"


Camden County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit

S/0 Mike Rauscher
K9  "Axel"


Ocean City Police K-9 Unit

Ptl. John Vogt
K9 "Deuce"(RIP)


Salem County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit

Sgt. Rob Hans, President Salem County K9 Association

K9 "Ben"
K9 "Ossy"(retired)
K9  "Spartan"


Philadelphia Police K-9 Unit

Captain Kenneth O'Brien  Commanding Officer Canine Unit Retired


P/O Paul Bryant Jr.
(Retired) from Philadelphia now Training Coordinator Chester County Sheriff's Department

K-9 "Smokey"  (RIP)
K-9 "Asko"  (RIP)
K-9  "Azeem" (RIP)
K-9 "Deeohgee"Retired

K-9 Don


Senior Trainer
P/O Larry Love
, President USPCA REGION #6

K-9 "Luke"  (RIP)
K-9 "Bear" (RIP)
K-9 "Zeus" (RIP)
K-9 "Dempsey" (RIP)

K-9 Handler/Trainer - P/O Janie DiPasquale
K-9 "Trae "(retired)
K-9 "Pax"

Sgt Nick DiPasquale

K-9 Bruno (Retired)

K-9 Reaper 

K-9 Handler P/O Tom Reichner
K-9 "Brito"

K-9 Koda


K-9 Handler P/O Rob Wuller

K-9 "Kaiser" (Retired)

K-9 "Jack"


K-9 Handler/ Trainer P/O Jim Zimmerman

K-9 "Danny " RIP

K-9 "Baron"


K-9 Handler Karen Conway

K-9 Nemo (RIP)

K-9 Otto


K-9 Handler P/O Sean Elkins

K-9 "Pedro"





Winslow Township Police K-9 Unit

P/O Ryan Morgan
K-9 "Zeus"


Luling Police Department K-9 Unit  (TEXAS)

SGT. Jeff Ferry
K-9 "Olina"


Division of Criminal Justice/ Sp, Deputy Camden Co. Sheriff

Lt Joseph Castle (RETIRED)
K-9 "Samantha"/ (RIP) - Bloodhound

K-9 "Sara" (RIP) -Bloodhound


Camden City Police K-9 Unit

P/O Les Whinna - (RETIRED)
K-9 "Wolf" (RIP)


K-9 "Pub" (RIP)


Atlantic City Police K-9 Unit

P/O Frank TimeK, President USPCA REGION # 15

K-9 "Vader"


Upper Moreland Police K-9 Unit  (PA)

K-9 Handler P/O  Brian Rems

K-9 "Dex"

Evesham Twp. Police K-9 Unit

Ptl. Rich Hernandez

K-9 "Elias"

Camden County DOC K-9

C/O Ken Sweeten

K-9 Kena (Retired)

Montgomery County Correctional Facility K-9

Cpl. Cheryl Anne Simkanin, USPCA REGION #6 Secretary

K-9 "Apache"

Burlington City Police K-9

Ptl. Matt Wiesnewski

K-9 "Mic"  (RIP)

K-9 "Miki"


New Jersey Department of Corrections

Trainer Joe Nicholas (Retired)