GCPK9A's By- Laws

Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc.

Adopted 03-05-2010




Article I- Establishment of Association

The Association shall be known as the Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. (GCPK9A Inc.), a not for profit organization. The GCPK9A Inc. is organized exclusively for the purposes listed in article II, “Mission Statement”. No part of any monies coming into possession of the Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers or other private persons, except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II hereof.

A. The Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

B. If the Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. is dissolved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, the assets of GCPK9A Inc. will be donated to another 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Article II- Mission Statement

The Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc.is a non-profit organization comprised of current, former and retired Police K9 handlers, as well as police officers with a common interest in Police Canines and their function in law enforcement.  

Our mission is to create and promote a strong bond amongst members, while honoring the rich history, commitment and dedication of the Police K-9 teams who have served in the past throughout Gloucester County.  Our goal is to educate the law enforcement community and the public of the various daily functions of the Police K-9 team, while continuing to give back to the community by helping those who are less fortunate and in need of assistance.

Article III- Membership

The organization shall consist of four (4) types of membership:

1) Active Member -- Any active or retired Law Enforcement Officer who currently handles, or has handled a Police Canine within a canine unit. The active K-9 member shall not be one who receives only personal gain from the canine. Active Members are not limited to the location or department by which they currently, or have previously handled a Police Service Dog. Active K-9 members may vote and hold office.

2) Associate Member -- Any active or retired Law Enforcement Officer, or supervisor of a canine unit meeting the criteria of the active member. Any Law Enforcement Personnel not affiliated directly in the handling or utilization of police service dogs. Associate members may not vote or hold office.

3) Honorary Member – Any individual, not limited to law enforcement, deemed to be an Honorary Member by the association as a whole. This is an individual that displays the utmost support for police service canines and their handlers, and the support of this association and its objectives.

- Honorary members do not pay dues. Honorary members may not vote, hold office, or attend meetings. Note: Honorary members must be nominated by an Active K-9 member, in writing, and voted on by voting members.

4) Corporate Membership -- Any business, person or organization, not affiliated with Law Enforcement Agencies, who wishes to promote and assist the GCPK9A Inc. in their mission of the betterment of police canine programs and the community.

* Gold Membership- Any donations in the amount of $500.00 or exceeding $500.00

* Silver Membership- Any donations in the amount of $100.00 or more, but less than $500.00

*Bronze Membership- Any donations less than $100.00

-Corporate members may not vote, hold office or attend meetings.

Article IV- Membership Dues

Memberships shall be renewed annually. Annual dues will be accepted through January of each calendar year. Active Membership dues will be $25.00 annually. Associate Membership dues will be $10.00 annually. For new members joining within the calendar year, dues will be pro-rated from the nearest quarter to year-end. Active Membership status may be dropped from the Association due to non-payment of dues.

Article V- Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated by:

a. Resignation: Any member, in good standing, may resign by giving written notice to the Secretary. Resignation shall be effective upon receipt of letter.

b. Lapsing: A member shall be considered expired if a member’s dues are not paid by January 31. After February 1, non-paid memberships shall be considered expired and a new application will have to be filled out and accompanied by the appropriate dues and fees. Members with expired memberships may not vote.

c. Termination: A membership may be terminated and member dropped from the GCPK9A Inc. if: Convicted of a crime; using the GCPK9A Inc. for personal gain; discrediting the GCPK9A Inc. or its members; or any other circumstance warranting an investigation by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall vote on the status of a member in regards to being dropped from membership. It must take a majority vote of the Executive Board to terminate a membership.

Article VI- Executive Board Officers

-Officers of the GCPK9A Inc. shall be Active Members, in good standing, and consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

-The majority of eligible voting members of the Association shall elect all officers, and a majority vote shall prevail.

-All officers shall be in office for a term of two years.

-Vacancies in offices may be filled by a majority vote by the Executive Board. Appointments shall be for the unexpired terms of offices.


President -- shall preside at all regular and special meetings and have the power to call special meetings. The President shall have the power to appoint committees and a Chairman of the same. The President shall be responsible to schedule meetings, gatherings and any courses of training. The President shall perform other duties as are usual of the office, not disregarding the popular vote of the membership.

Vice-President -- shall assist the President in his duties and act as President in his absence. In the event of death, disability, termination, or the resignation of the President, the Vice-President shall succeed the position of the unexpired term.

Secretary -- shall be the custodian of all official documents and records of the Association. He shall read the minutes of prior meetings and record the proceedings of the present meetings. He shall record the presence and/or absence of members at meetings. He shall keep records of all members, the standing of each, and the status of their dues. The Secretary shall be responsible for the collection of monies that are due the Association. The Secretary shall be responsible for the dissemination of information to the members of the association, and keep on record the responses of members when deemed necessary.

Treasurer -- Shall keep accurate records and deposit all monies in an institution appointed by the Executive Board of Directors. He/she shall draw money from the account when directed so by the President and/or the Executive Board of Directors. When money draws are more than $100, the Treasurer must have permission of the majority of the Executive Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall only expend funds that will directly benefit the Association, and the Executive Board of Directors shall be notified of every expenditure, either prior to the expense or immediately following the expense, regardless of the amount. This notification can be made in person, via phone, via mail or through electronic mail. The Treasurer shall pay all bills of the Association and he/she shall provide the President and members of the Executive Board with a financial statement at each business meeting.

Executive Board -- Shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Board shall meet at least three times a year, or whenever there is a matter that needs immediate attention and said meeting may be conducted via digital communication, ex: text, email, etc.

-The Executive Board shall approve all expenditures in excess of $100.00, and they shall be notified of every expenditure, regardless of the amount.

-The Executive Board shall be provided with reports from any committee activities that might exist. Only in emergency cases may the Executive Board act for the entire membership by majority vote.

-All Executive Board members are required to attend at least two-thirds of the meetings held per year. Those not complying with this requirement may be removed from their office.

-The Executive Board Members or Chairman elected by the Executive Board shall maintain and regulate all Internet advertisement and the Association Website.

Article VII- Financial Records and Responsibilities

The Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. shall use only approved banking institutions for all financial activities. The Treasurer shall be charged with maintaining records of all activities surrounding the association funds including, but not limited to, income, deposits, debits, expenditures and bank statements. These records are to be maintained indefinitely, and shall not be destroyed without the authorization of the entire Executive Board of Directors.

During each new election of executive board members, new signature cards shall be completed with the signature of the President, Vice-President and Secretary and Treasurer. This signature card will ensure that more than one person has access to the account in case the Secretary becomes unavailable.

Under no circumstance is any member or officer of the Association authorized to obtain any line of credit, credit card, or other revolving credit without the prior authorization of the entire Executive Board of Directors. Should such authorization occur, it shall be in writing, signed by each Executive Board member and it shall be maintained as part of the official GCPK9A Inc. records.

The Treasurer does have the option to obtain and maintain a debit card attached to the official GCPK9A Inc. checking account. The purpose of this card is to ensure the association has the ability to meet financial obligations and/or purchase items needed. The card will only be used to facilitate purchases that directly benefit the association, as a whole, and all records must be maintained in accordance with this article. Upon termination, resignation, or at the end of the member’s term as Treasurer, the card shall be turned over to the Executive Board of Directors. If the card is in the individual member’s name, it shall be destroyed and a new card ordered with the new Treasurer’s name.

The Executive Board of Directors shall be made aware of any such card being held by the Treasurer.

No funds will be expended from the Association unless the expense directly benefits the Association as a whole, or when required to pay approved or recurring bills as directed by the Executive Board of Directors. Every expenditure, regardless of amount, will be communicated to the Executive Board of Directors either prior to the expense or immediately following the expense. This is to be done without exception.

Bank statements, deposit slips, copies of checks and any other documentation surrounding the Association banking account(s) will be kept and filed with the official GCPK9A Inc. records. Under no circumstances will any record or document, with regards to financial records, be destroyed without the prior approval of the Executive Board. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining accurate and balanced records relating to all GCPK9A Inc. bank accounts. In addition, the Treasurer will prepare semi-annual reports during the months of January and July of each calendar year. These reports will include all income, deposits, debits, withdrawals, and expenses made during the preceding months. The report will be communicated to the Executive Board of Directors and will include current balances of each account. Inspections are to be facilitated on the GCPK9A Inc. bank account(s) during July of each calendar year. A Licensed Financial Advisor who is not associated with the GCPK9A Inc. will conduct these inspections. The results of the inspection shall be communicated to the entire membership, and shall be physically available for inspection by the members, at the next annual certification seminar. Should the Advisor conducting the inspection communicate the need for a full audit, the Treasurer shall notify the Executive Board of Directors and ensure that the audit is completed. These records will not be destroyed without the prior approval of the Executive Board of Directors.

Article VIII- Association Meetings

* The Gloucester County Police K9 Association Inc. shall meet quarterly throughout the year to conduct a general business meeting.

* Trainings, seminars or demonstration sessions may be held at the same date as the business meetings, but are not limited to those dates.

* An annual meeting shall be held for elections of officers, at which time, new officers shall be elected by the body. If no one runs for an elected office, then the same officers shall remain.

Article IX- Amendments to the By-Laws

* Amendments to the GCPK9A Inc. by-laws must be submitted to the President and members of the Executive Board and must be read at 2 separate business meetings, then voted on after the second reading for the amendment to pass. A majority vote of active members will adopt the amendment to the by-laws. Amendments to the by-laws shall be voted on at a regular business meeting.